Beyond the Void
Yonh Tenx

March 2011

Yonh Tenx Myangx, or Yun Dian Wang (韻典網) is a website provides inquiry service of ancient Chinese rhyme books, which includes 廣韻 (a rhyme book written in Song dynasty around 1008 AD), 洪武正韻牋, 中原音韻, 分韻撮要 and 上古音系. They recorded the phonological system of Middle Chinese and Old Chinese, which are significant dictionaries for research on Chinese phonology and dialects.

Yonh Tenx Myangx integrates 《宋本廣韻》、《韻鏡》 and many other researches of more than 100 years. It derives from the projects below:

Now Yonh Tenx Myangx has been used by many professional ancient Chinese researchers and linguists from all over the world. Also there are lots of Chinese language amateurs doing thousands of queries every day.

Yonh Tenx Myangx was build up with Django and SQLite. It runs on a tiny Linux server. I devoted into this project because of my passion in linguistics.

Yonh Tenx

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